5 Benefits of a Pedicure

Pedicures are often seen as an indulgence or a treat. However, they should be appreciated as more than a simple moment of relaxation after a hard day or week. Pedicures can be quite beneficial for other reasons, as well. Here are five reasons you should be booking an appointment for a pedicure today.

1. Dry Heels and Feet

Dry skin can create discomfort and can ultimately become a chronic issue. Fortunately, a visit with one of our pedicurists can get you back on your way to having soft, touchable skin. A simple scrape of any dead skin around your heel and toes along with an exfoliating scrub can help you move forward from your uncomfortably dry skin.

2. Healthier Toenails

As we buff your nails to a brilliant shine, there is more happening. The buffing action encourages positive blood flow to the area, encouraging your nails to grow strong and beautiful.

3. Removal of Toxins

While a foot massage may seem indulgent, it is also very beneficial to your health. Massaging your feet encourages good circulation and a flow of lymphatic fluid to the area. This is essential to the removal of toxins from the body and a foot massage motivates the process.

4. Infection Control

Healthy nails are essential to preventing infections underneath the nail. Infection can be caused by ingrown nails or dirt being trapped underneath the nail. Pedicures ensure the nails are trimmed and clean, preventing the incubation of infection.

5. Confidence

A pedicure is proven to encourage a feeling of confidence, both physically and mentally. With perfect toenails, soft skin, and healthy feet, you will look and feel your best after a visit with one of our pedicurists.

Aer NailBar understand the benefits of pedicures beyond a simple pampering. Visit Aer NailBar today and you will leave feeling both happy and healthy.