Beauty that lasts – How to lengthen your gel manicure

Gel manicures are increasingly popular since they last longer and look more polished than conventional manicures. Additionally, the gel makes nails even more flexible and glossy than acrylics.

But sometimes, even the best manicure can take a beating. If you are noticing chips, scratches, or lifting within a week, you may need to add some additional steps to your routine that will enhance the shining lifetime of your manicure:

1. Add a top coat.
This simple solution smooths the nail so it won’t catch on anything. You may also want to reapply a top coat every 2-3 days to enhance the shine and prevent chipping.

2. Wear rubber gloves when washing the dishes.
The chemicals that cut grease from your crispy lasagna pan can also cut into the length of your manicure. Additionally, doing dishes by hand can dry out your skin and cuticles. In fact, most experts recommend wearing rubber gloves whenever you are planning to use any cleaning products at all.

3. No heavy lifting
Yes, we are validating this excuse. You’re much more likely to chip or break a nail when a weighty package compromises your grip, so relaxing on the couch with a magazine saying, “I don’t want to ruin my manicure” is the right and proper action to take. You are welcome.

4. Invest in some fun gel pens.
You can fill in minor scratches with your own scribbles and simultaneously indulge your inner child. Just be sure the color is a close match.

5. Stay hydrated.
Applying nail oil to your cuticles prevents chipping and cracking by hydrating gels and nourishing cuticles.

Additionally, skip the hand sanitizer and opt instead for soap. Hand sanitizer is more drying than soap and can even eat away at your topcoat.

6. Avoid steamy showers and baths
As good as it feels on your skin, the steam can lift your gel and cause problems. And if you absolutely must take that hot bath, be sure to keep your hands from soaking in hot water.

7. Add glitter!
When your gel manicure starts growing out, why not add some sparkle to the part of your nail that is showing? It will look like an intentional hombre style rather than a need to go to the salon.