Must-Have Fall 2018 Nail Polish Shades

Nail polish is an affordable way to express yourself and get excited about each new season. With autumn quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the best nail polish shades for fall 2018. A few trends have already make themselves known on the runways and in fashion magazines. You’ll learn more about what to look for (and what classic shades are still in style) as you read on.

Deep red – Scared off by blood red lips? Try putting this rich hue on your fingertips instead. Featured in multiple Fall 2018 runway shows and taking the pages of style rags by storm, deep red is essential for your nail wardrobe this autumn. NARS’s “Jungle Red” is a great option.

Opaque neutrals – While shimmery neutral hues have been on-trend for a while, opaque styles are all the rage this fall. If you choose to try this look, it’s key to pick something that doesn’t clash with your skin tone. You should either choose something very close to your complexion or something that directly contrasts with it; if, for example, you have extremely fair skin, a nearly white shade or a deep gray would both work. If you’re looking to take a page from high fashion, Prada’s fall runway show featured all the models wearing JINSoon’s “Sandbar.”

Dark teal – Deep, smoky teal is a great option for transitioning from late summer into fall. It’s also an excellent choice for ladies who live in south Florida and other warm climates where the autumn weather never really hits. If you think this trend sounds intriguing, give OPI’s “Teal the Cows Come Home” a try.

Jewel tone metallics – Nothing says “fall” like a rich jewel tone. Metallic hues are especially popular this fall, with deep purples, ambers, and greens getting glimmery makeovers. In Marc Jacobs’s fall 2018 show, the models wore various metallic shades to complement their attire. Nails Inc.’s “Hot to Trot” is one of the prettiest jewel tone metallics on the market right now.

Olive green – The idea of olive nails scares some ladies, who are afraid it will look like their hands have donned camo. In reality, though, this hue is perfect with many trendy fall outfits and looks especially great on dark-complected girls. Test this trend with Oribe’s “Green Envy.”

We know that your nails can make or break first impressions, which is why we strive to satisfy every client. When your nails need a fall makeover, come to see us for the best service in the area. We look forward to giving you a manicure you’ll love this autumn!